Print Design

Nowadays, authors can choose to release a print copy of their book with minimum initial outlay. Amazon once again is a the forefront of this industry, with its Createspace print publishing service, though other players exist as well. What these companies offer is a service which prints your books on demand. This means, all the author does is upload a text file and a suitable cover image, and the service company makes the book available for sale on Amazon and perhaps Barnes & Noble. A reader comes along, orders the book, and they receive a copy in the mail that was printed as a one-off, and bound like a professional looking paperback, just for them. Retailers don’t need to keep lots of copies in stock, because these books can be printed pretty much straightaway.

Cover Design

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, people do judge books by their cover. It’s a first impression, and it often lasts. So cover design is extremely important and any self publishing advice you will find anywhere often starts with: Do not do your own covers. Unless you’re a professional designer.

We can help you design a cover, or refer you to one who can convey the correct feel and aesthetic your particular book requires.