We love books at WriteHit and we enjoy the entire process from idea to finished book you can proudly place on a bookshelf at home. Most people by now will have heard of the so-called “self publishing revolution”; a shift in how writers are able to take their written word and make it available to readers.

What is self publishing?

Self- or Indie publishing is when a writer does not go through a publisher in the traditional sense to make his work available to the world. In order to sell an ebook or print book on for example Amazon, he may try to do all the work himself, or outsource any part of the project he feels is best handled by someone more knowledgeable. While publishing a book without a traditional publishing deal has been possible in the past, it used to involve getting hundreds, if not thousands of copies printed by a small press, only to watch them gather dust in the writer’s garage. This practice used to be looked down upon but luckily, that’s no longer the case!

I’ve heard of vanity publishing before, is that the same thing?

Not exactly. A vanity publisher is one of the companies who like in the paragraph above would try to convince writers to get those boxes full of books printed, often without providing much help or advice to the writer. Vanity publishers are generally known to be rip-off merchants, looking to be paid big money without doing much in return. Hallmarks of vanity publishing are: exorbitant fees, bad editing, ugly covers, false promises, disappointed authors. WriteHit is not a vanity publisher but instead an outsourcing partner. We can help with all the logistical matters related to the modern style of self publishing, and we won’t claim to make you rich after all of it is done: whether or not your book sells is up to you and how well you are able to market it. Nobody can guarantee to make you rich and famous just by publishing your book. Huge traditional publishers can try, but even they don’t have all the answers. If anyone promises you a runaway success, they’re lying to you.

So what can you do for me?


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