If you’re an author or aspire to be one and are keen to join the digital publishing revolution, we can help you! Self -publishing is such a buzzword nowadays, a lot of authors attempt to simply upload their books onto for example Amazon Kindle and expect them to sell. It’s not all that simple though, readers are picky and expect ebooks to not just be written well but also to look good.

This is where we can help you. Ebooks are made up of HTML/XML code and we happen to have years of experience in exactly those languages. Ereader devices make it very easy to read a properly formatted ebook, but if something or other has gone wrong with the conversion, you may find all sorts of problems.

How we can help you:

  • Fully validated and properly laid out Epub and Mobi books ready to be uploaded on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Google Play and others.
  • MS Word document for upload onto Smashwords. (Please note that Smashwords restricts special features such as tables and footnotes; we will make sure to follow the style guidelines exactly.)
  • Compatibility with all the various ebook readers your audience might use – every book is thoroughly tested by us before we deliver!
  • Fully functional linked table of contents. You can choose whether to display this at the beginning or end of the book.
  • Appropriate formatting for both fiction and non-fiction; including pretty chapter headings, illustrations (as provided or selected by you), footnotes, tables and images. (Please note that some ebook readers do not display colour, so your book will look a bit different on these than on full colour devices. Also, some formats like Smashwords documents do not allow tables at all but we can advise suitable workarounds for such issues.)
  • Professionally designed Covers to suit various selling platforms; Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone or iPad, Nook, Kobo, etc.
  • Discounted rates for short stories and novellas and other shorter publications
  • We can upload your book for you to our own publisher accounts if you’d rather not deal with all the ebook marketplaces yourself.
  • Book Promotion on our website, via our Twitter feed or Facebook page. If you would like to promote your book with your own blog, we can help set this up too!

Please take a look at our formatting packages and sample fees!

Common formatting issues when using generic conversion software:

  • Weird characters littered throughout the text
  • Paragraphs not spaced out properly
  • No table of contents, or one which doesn’t actually link to the correct page
  • Cover image missing, other images not laid out like they are supposed to
  • Chapters joined together without clear separation
  • Special text such as footnotes does not display properly
  • Tables look terrible or don’t show up at all
  • Page numbering displayed in places where it makes no sense.

Any of these will put readers off your book and attract negative reviews. This will severely reduce your chances of selling your book and therefore can end up costing you money!

We do display sample fees online but depending on the specifics of your ebook project, the eventual fee may vary a bit. To be absolutely sure how much your project will cost, why not contact us for a quote?