sfb-kindleAlthough Some Author was pretty sure that the Stupid F*cking Life series wouldn’t be for everyone (plus, it’s highly tongue-in-cheek), he still felt it was worth getting a pro to do the legwork for this booklet. WriteHit handled the (stupid f*cking) cover and ebook formatting and offered some advice on how to make this series work together coherently. We also handled the publishing process, uploading it under the WriteHit banner.


You’re an author. You’re writing a book. So far, so good. But you know what, it only goes downhill from there…

About Stupid Fucking Life
Life sucks, almost constantly and consistently. And you must have noticed this fact, unless you’re incredibly unaware, gullible or worse – one of those disgustingly lucky people for whom everything just sort of works out. In this series, I intend to visit a few aspects of life, mainly my own life, which suck in their own special ways. Maybe I’ll include not only an angry irrational rant, but also some suggestions on how to improve the cluster fuck that is daily existence, but I’m not sure yet so I won’t promise anything.

If you’re struggling, and you could use some heartless cruelty and demotivational heckling in your life, this series of books is for you.

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