For this project, WriteHit handled pretty much all of the logistics surrounding publishing a book in today’s market.

  • Proofreading
  • Ebook & Print Design
  • Cover Design
  • Publication
  • Consultancy (Leveraging an existing platform, how to set up publisher accounts for the different marketplaces, tax matters, branding)


Gordon Sykes is being pursued. Confused as well as annoyed, he realises that if he is to survive, he must create a new world to live in. High up in the mountains, he builds a city made from just his thoughts; buildings, roads, and even people to keep him company. But all is not well in Gordon’s imaginary utopia; his city has a darker element to it. He finds criminality and cruelty which he certainly did not invent himself. Could it be that his pursuers have finally managed to catch up with him? It’s time Gordon Sykes makes a stand and cleanses his world of these unwanted intruders.

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